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An international network of experts in the field of sustainable production of renewable resources:

  • Experience with mixed crop cultivation
  • Excursions and field working
  • Practical reports for mixed crop, extensive oil cultures and renewable resources
  • Scientific consulting for renewable agriculture
  • Networking, planning and implementation of energy circles
  • Consulting in the field of plant oil technology
  • Plant oil filling stations


Our philosophy

The Austrian Viktor Schauberger (1885-1958) was a natural philosopher, founder and pioneer of the "Freie Energie". As a forester he watched nature over decades, interested in how nature works, how growth, movement and life arise. Out of his observances he developed a subnatural technology, which is known today as "Freie Energie". He constructed tools to generate energy or move forward without the help of fuel and without making any noise nor producing emissions. These machines copied natural functions and worked at the basis of a specific movement of water or air.

His understanding of water, air and earth let him become a voice of warning telling over and over again that current techniques, which include modern agriculture, hydraulic engineering and silviculture, are destroying nature step by step. In contrast to this unnatural techniques Schauberger's biotechnology refines air, earth and water qualitatively. He developed systems to produce high-quality water, to improve soil quality and growth and quality of agricultural crops and to renaturate rivers and woods.

Considering today's ecological situation Schauberger's technical developments and his basic understanding of nature are more actual than ever. His findings are meaningful for practical ecological work as well as for deep ecology which wants to achieve a shift of human attitude. Reading Schauberger means putting one's cognitive and emotional understanding of natural processes, one's attitude towards contemporaries and one's awareness of loveliness and brilliance of nature on a natural footing.

Read more: www.viktor-schauberger.at

The first film about Viktor Schauberger's lifework "Viktor Schauberger - Die Natur kapieren und kopieren" can be ordered by members of Akremi at the price of €18,85.




Sustainable energy development in agriculture:

The role of agriculture as an energy supplier for society in future: The agricultural sector will become a key sector in a sustainable energy economy, so we have to focus this path. As (main-)administrator of the resource acreage this sector plays a central role in the use of the sustainable energy resource of solar energy. A sustainable energy supply of society therefore depends decisively on the fulfilling of the sustainable energy supply criteria of the sector itself. Simultaneously measures which are used to supply agricultural undertakings also essentially contribute to preparate the status of the agriculture as an important energy supplier for society and economy under the banner of sustainability.


Natural scientific consultans

  • Prof. Dr. Gabriele Berg
  • Dr. Christian Krotscheck
  • Prof. Dr. August Raggam
  • Prof. Dr. Ernst Schrimpff
  • Sepp Holzer
  • Sepp Braun
  • Tim Brand
  • Prof. Dr. Norbert Makowski
  • Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Ripl